Our Story

Strong co-operation & most of all stunning water

Production Capabilities

Opportunities - Products available in; glass (Still and Sparkling), PET (Still) and bag in a box (Still). Through continuous improvement we are able to reduce costs, hone quality and maximise efficiencies

Water Production

Our purpose-built production facility draws water directly from the world-famous Blue Spring. The aim is to provide the purest water, utilising latest technology and processes, backed by world-class certifications. All to ensure that you are drinking our blue spring water in it’s purest form.

Latest Technology

Reliability - European technology carefully engineered and skillfully operated to ensure quality and optimal outcomes. The ability to blow PET bottles on site affords us and our business partners increased control and competitive pricing. Our boxed water and shrink wrap machinery enables us to offer other market options to our business partners.

Growth Capacity

Supply - Set up with export in mind, the factory has a capacity in excess of 50 million units per annum, whilst still only using 3% of our water resource. With almost 1 billion litres of pure water at our disposal per year and the recent acquisition of additional land, we have plans in place to build a new modularised, fully automated blowing and bottling plant.

World Class Certifications

Trust - We are proud of our food safety regime and the ability of our Production Team. The recent food safety audit (ABWI) expressed the belief that our Operations were amongst the world’s top 5% of all water bottling producers. You can completely trust in our product safety.