It starts with the pure spring water

In a land in the middle of the South Pacific sits a nation of just 4.5 million people. A land of sublime forests, snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lakes and golden beaches. A rugged, pristine environment where welcoming New Zealanders live, work and play.

Welcome to our island paradise, home of the famous Blue Spring.

from our pure blue spring...
Water from the famous Blue Spring is known to be some of the purest in New Zealand. With 70% of New Zealanders drinking bottled water from the Blue Spring, you can be sure you are drinking from our trusted source. The Blue Spring is revered for its properties of exceptional clarity and exquisite blue hues. These are known to be due to the high purity of the water.

Why blue spring water?


Rainfall from the surrounding bush clad Mamaku ranges moves rapidly through surface sandy soils. It then flows deep into aquifers formed by the ancient eruptions that created Lake Rotorua. Eventually, some 80-100 years later, our water arrives naturally filtered at the Blue Spring.

Enriched by rich porous rock formations, with the perfect mineral balance

Blue Spring water; exceptional quality, enriched by rich porous rock formations, with the perfect mineral balance. Take a walk along the Te Waihou walkway any day of the week and you will meet visitors who have come to see “New Zealands purest water”.

Water production
Our purpose-built production facility draws water directly from the world-famous Blue Spring. The aim is to provide the purest water, utilising latest technology and processes, backed by world-class certifications. All to ensure that you are drinking our blue spring water in it’s purest form.

Production capabilities

Opportunities - Products available in; glass (Still and Sparkling), PET (Still) and bag in a box (Still). Through continuous improvement we are able to reduce costs, hone quality and maximise efficiencies.

Latest Technology

Reliability - European technology carefully engineered and skillfully operated to ensure quality and optimal outcomes. The ability to blow PET bottles on site affords us and our business partners increased control and competitive pricing. Our boxed water and shrink wrap machinery enables us to offer other market options to our business partners.

Growth Capacity

Supply - Set up with export in mind, the factory has a capacity in excess of 50 million units per annum, whilst still only using 3% of our water resource. With almost 1 billion litres of pure water at our disposal per year and the recent acquisition of additional land, we have plans in place to build a new modularised, fully automated blowing and bottling plant.

World Class Certifications

Trust - We are proud of our food safety regime and the ability of our Production Team. The recent food safety audit (ABWI) expressed the belief that our Operations were amongst the world’s top 5% of all water bottling producers. You can completely trust in our product safety.


Brand Family

Essential for life, hydrating and revitalizing. Whether looking after yours or your families health, pure spring water from the Blue Spring is 70% of New Zealanders choice for bottled drinking water - Just as nature intended.

      • bottle

        Aqua Splash

        Think long hot summers at the beach, the beauty of the Pohutakawa “New Zealand Christmas Tree” and the cool refreshing pureness of New Zealand Spring water.

        The first bottle seen on the supermarket shelf, it’s a sure winner.

        For those interested in export distribution, you have a bottle that maximises container space; less air, more water. Up to 50% more!!

        Sizes: 24 x 500ml, 12 x 1L

        Aqua Splash Economy


      • bottle

        Blue Premium

        With a cool refined look and feel, Blue Premium is the perfect addition to cafes and hospitality venues. Those who enjoy sophistication and elegance without the cost of glass bottles.

        This is water direct from the Blue Spring, a water source renowned for its optical purity, higher levels of silica and soft smooth texture.

        Sizes: 24 x 500ml

        Blue Premium


      • waihouspring

        Waihou Spring

        Spend a day walking the Te Waihou Spring walkway. Feel the piece and tranquillity of New Zealand nature; the ferns blowing gently in the breeze, Pukakas “New Zealand native birds” playing by the water, Tuis fly around you, and watch trout swimming through the crystal clear stream. You have to experience it to believe it!!

        Sizes: 500ml and 1.5L

        Waihou Spring


      • bottle

        Te Waihou Premium

        Te Waihou, meaning ‘The New Water’ from the region of Putaruru ‘Home of the Owl’, the guardian of our pure water source The Blue Spring, New Zealands most precious spring water.

        This elegant brand sits in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in New Zealand. It’s served as the water of choice at the New Zealand Wine Awards and available in still and sparkling.

        Sizes: 300ml, 500ml, 750ml Glass, 500ml PET

        Te Waihou Premium


      • bottle


        SOH2O is the perfect addition to cafes and hospitality venues. This is water direct from the Blue Spring, a water source renowned for its optical purity, higher levels of silica and soft smooth texture.



      • Typical Analysis Mg/L

          Calcium Sodium Magnesium Potassium Silica Dioxide Metasilic Acid TDS pH  
          Ca<2+ Na<+ Mg<2+ K<+ SiO<2 H<2SiO<3 TDS pH
        Range Low 2.5 8.8 1.4 3.6 68 90 95 6.4
        Range high 3.2 10.5 1.8 4.5 80 105 135 7.5

        Nutritional Information


Private Labels

Aquasplash produces bottled water for a range of global brands extending into countries including; Japan, China, Australia, USA, Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

We work closely with our brand partners to assist them in building their brands, backed by the security of excellence in food safety standards, competitive pricing, our relationships with key suppliers, experience in exporting and of course our stunning water source.

If you are interested in growing a brand, we continue to be interested in working with partners who are passionate about building brands and markets

Whilst some brands prefer to retain anonymity, a couple of successful ventures as listed below.

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Water for Health

Why Water?

So what is so great about water ?

Water is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. Water forms about 70% of muscle and 90% of the brain but only 10% of fat, so leaner people have a higher water percentage of body weight. Drinking adequate amounts of water can decrease the risk of certain types of cancers, including colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer. This essential liquid transports nutrients and gases through the body and enables cellular reactions to take place. Water naturally moisturizes skin and ensures proper cellular formation underneath layers of skin to give it a healthy, glowing appearance.Water leads to overall greater health by flushing out wastes and bacteria that can cause disease and can prevent and alleviate headaches.

The healthiest kind of bottled water is mineral water and drinking this water each day can help you enhance your overall health and well-being. Mineral water is able to do so much good because it contains essential minerals such as silica, calcium and magnesium.

Water from the Blue Spring

Typical Analysis Mg/L

Calcium 2.62
Sodium 8.52
Chloride 5.7
Magnesium 1.47
Potassium 3.86

pH 7.0

Our People

John Anderson


Until recently John was the largest private Kiwi Fruit orchardist in New Zealand. A highly successful businessman, John also has involvement in Pack houses and other businesses mainly in the Bay of Plenty, NZ

“My ambition for Aquasplash is to make this into NZ’s largest privately owned water bottling plant. We have grand plans. We are looking for great partners to work with and establish long term relationships. This will become the Mercedes Benz operation, built on operational excellence, strong cooperation and most of all stunning water”

Mark Manson


Mark is CEO focusing on developing the business in to a globally competitive company with solid operational and financial structures.

With over 30 years experience in Executive Management, leading large well known New Zealand brands in the food and beverage industries, Mark brings a wealth of experience. This ranges from Dairy through to Red Meat and FMCG sectors in both New Zealand and Australia. During this time Mark has developed solid financial and operational structures and has been responsible for all aspects of business management covering production, technical, supply chain and Export Management and Business Development in the domestic, Asian, North & South American and European markets.

With an eye for detail and a focus on developing high performing teams his key strengths include having the ability to develop unique strategic positions associated with the capability to establish leading edge and innovative solutions.

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